Britain’s Best Cake Stops: We want to hear about your favourite!

Stopping for cake and a cuppa is as much part of cycling as fixing punctures and sprinting for signs. Where do you stop mid-ride?

A cake, coffee and bike bits.

Here on Cycling Plus we often find ourselves asking if we ride bikes simply so we can stop for coffee and cake. Invariably we answer in the affirmative.


That’s not really too surprising, though, as the ‘cake stop’ is ingrained in roadie culture – starting a club ride at a roadside café or pausing for some ‘energy cake’ at a friendly farm shop is a long-standing tradition.

And whether your favourite feed zone is a greasy spoon dishing out a full English, an artisan bakery serving polenta cakes or a bike shop with a tea urn and a box of Mr Kipling’s finest we want you to tell us. Drop us a line at or let us know on our Facebook page. Better still include a picture of yourself and some cake. But mainly some cake!

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