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Forget Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver – Peter Sagan is our favourite TV chef!

He's world champion, he's got great hair, he can do wheelies and he can cook – Peter Sagan is a legend!

Peter Sagan presents a series of cooking shows on YouTube
Published: December 8, 2017 at 11:05 am
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Cooking and celebrities seem to work pretty well on television, so if you're a kitchen appliance manufacturer who sponsors the pro cycling team with, arguably, the sport's biggest celebrity on its roster it probably makes perfect sense to get him to make a cooking show.


When German cooker maker Bora – co-sponsors of the Bora-hansgrohe team – decided to get world champion Peter Sagan to make some cooking shows for YouTube it could have been, ahem, a recipe for disaster. However, we quite like them and while Peter is no Nigella Lawson or Rick Stein he does manage to carry off the chopping, cooking and talking in the videos with some aplomb. And in case you're wondering, the topinambur in this recipe with wild salmon, sugar snap peas and grapefruit is Jerusalem artichoke...

And in case you're also wondering Hansgrohe makes bits for the bathroom. And yes Pete's been filmed in the shower...

Peter Sagan in a Hansgrohe shower

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