Happy New Year! Here’s how to ride off a hangover!

Over-indulged while seeing in 2018? Here's how to get over your sore head with an invigorating ride!

A man with a hangover taking a pill

If you’re felling a big fuzzy-headed this morning then there’s only one thing for it – pull on the Lycra, clip-in to your pedals and get riding. And yes, it is okay to be sick at the side of the road on January the 1st! (We think…)


Endorphin extraction

You get that ‘comedown’ feeling the day after the night before because alcohol causes a release of endorphins, meaning that the next day, without them around, you feel low. However, getting out on the bike will release the same kind of uplifting endorphins.


The foods and drinks that go with cycling also happen to be excellent hangover cures. A bottle of electrolyte drink helps to ease dehydration and sort your head out, as can a potassium-filled banana. On a ride with a hangover you’ll need to take on more fluids than usual.


Sweat out those toxins. Rid your body of all the toxic alcohol by-products by working yourself hard – but not too hard. Listen to your body. Exercise promotes a faster metabolism, meaning toxins are processed by the body quicker – leaving you feeling fresh and ready for the next rare sunny pub garden afternoon.

Vitamin D

Alcohol can slow your metabolism and depress your immune system. Getting up the next day for a ride in the sunshine will give you a big dose of vitamin D, which has been proven to boost the immune system. You know it makes sense.


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