Here’s how to use the exclusive Cycling Plus saddlebag included with the August issue!

Buy the latest issue of Cycling Plus and you'll also get a saddlebag that's perfect for your ride essentials!


The latest issue of Cycling Plus contains – as you’ve no doubt come to expect – loads of really rather excellent words and pictures about cycling! Adventure bikes, essential tips for new riders, pedals for every budget, expert advice on riding faster,  a first look at Trek’s all-new Madone and the police force trying to make our roads safer for cyclists.


But that’s not all! Pick up the magazine and you’ll also receive an exclusive Cycling Plus saddlebag. As you can see from the picture below you can fit loads inside it…

Cycling Plus Saddlebag
You don’t need all of these items on a ride, that’s why we made the bag the size it is…

…Okay, okay you will have to leave the hammer, tape measure and parcel tape dispenser at home. (Although we do test bikepacking and touring luggage in the issue, so maybe you won’t…) However, our saddlebag is large enough to take a tube, tyre levers and a multi-tool (that’s what’s in the bag pictured below.) You can also slip an emergency fiver in there too.


It’s dead simple to mount – hold it snugly under the rear of your saddle, and thread the strap with the ‘hook’ side of the Velcro over your saddle rails, before pulling it snug over the outside of the bag. Do the same with the ‘loop’ side to grip the saddlebag and voila! Your essentials are attached securely and discreetly to your bike. Enjoy!


The latest issue of Cycling Plus is in shops now but subscribe to the magazine today and you’ll save 30% a year AND receive a Ritchey Skyline saddle worth £47.99. Perfect for attaching your new saddlebag!!