How far can you ride in 15 hours?

Tilnar Cycle Challenge asks you to answer that question and raise money for charity next summer. This year two riders managed more than 230-miles… We're up for it, are you?

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Looking for a challenge to keep you motivated through the autumn and winter months ahead? The 2018 Tilnar Cycle Challenge could be just the thing. Expected to attract cyclists from across the world, the fourth running of the event has already received more entries in its first 24 hours than on one single day ever before, and the premise of the challenge is very simple…


“We want to inspire cyclists of all abilities to see how far they can cycle for charity on their own route in time categories up to 15 hours,” explains organiser Tom Hawes. “The main day will be Sunday 24th June 2018, but cyclists can do their rides in the 2 weeks either side of that. Cyclists can cycle for up to 15 hours between 6 am and 9 pm, although many choose to cycle for less than this in the 1-, 5- or 10-hour categories.”

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The Tilnar Cycle Challenge raises money directly for three charities – Cancer Research UK, Porridge and Rice & Re~Cycle – by donating £5.00 of each £9.95 adult entry fee to the charity selected by the entrant. The challengers also have the opportunity to raise sponsorship for their own favourite charity, and entries have increased each year with hundreds of riders taking part from many different countries across the world including riders from Mexico, America, Switzerland, Bermuda and Kenya.

The idea of the Challenge is to inspire people around the country and across the world, no matter what age or ability, to get on their bikes and see how far they can cycle, and Cycling Plus likes to think we’re up for a challenge. But if you want to get serious, Georgina Cleere rode 232.5 miles to win the Global Female Distance Category this year, while the male distance winner, Dale Waterman, won a very tight category by riding 234.2 miles around the north-east of England. Over 50 international challengers took part, led by David Kindest, who rode over 100 miles from Nairobi in Kenya to Namanga on the border with Tanzania.

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For more information, go to where the first 1,000 2018 adult entrants will receive an early entry welcome pack worth over £20, which will include a Nutrition Pack from Hammer Nutrition, a Tilnar Cycle Challenge THINK CYCLIST car sticker from Allen Ford and a Wallet Warrior Multi Tool from amongst other goodies.

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