It’ll never catch on… Are these the weirdest bikes ever made?

Bikes don't have to look like bikes to be bikes. Here's the proof…

The Bird of Prey prone road bike

Even though the fundamentals of bike design haven’t changed a great deal in the past 100 years, it’s fair to say that the industry isn’t short of innovation. Some people, though, want that innovation to mean more than just lighter frames, electronic groupsets or aero tubing. So we salute the designers who’re really pushing the boundaries of biking. (Even if we don’t necessarily want to ride their bikes…)


 The Bird of Prey

It’d be easy to laugh at this semi-prone bike built by US architect John Aldridge, but when former Hour record holder Graeme Obree decided to try to make an attempt on the human powered vehicle land speed record in 2013 he opted for a similar lay out for his bike – The Beastie. And he managed to hit 56mph on the flat. No wonder John reckons the Bird of Prey is faster than a regular bike thanks to the aero position of the rider. We’re not sure about the Bird of Prey website’s claim that it’s the ‘world’s fastest racing bicycle’ but we’d certainly be interested in trying one out…

 The Twicycle


Your legs are pretty good at getting your bike moving, right? But imagine if you could get extra power from your arms! That’s the USP of the Twicycle, a bike that aims to provide you with a full body workout. To us it also looks like it’d be a workout for our limited co-ordination but there are obviously believers out there as the first crowdfunded Twicycles rolled off the production lines in July.


Look, we could make some lazy, stereotypically xenophobic jokes about why the Dutch Lopifit electric walking bike exists. But we’re better than that, so just know that a bike that has a kind of electrically assisted treadmill on which you walk as it moves really, really does exist. And can propel you to speeds of up to 17mph.

 Treadmill Bike


Unlike the Lopifit, the Treadmill Bike is exactly what it says it is. A Bike. And a treadmill. Weeeeelll, you know how running on a treadmill indoors is really boring? So, spice up your life by attaching wheels and taking the treadmill outdoors. Or you could, you know, just go running…

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