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Cyclocross sportives to be sponsored by Kinesis UK – CX Sportive's Gravelcross series backed by UK bike brand

UK-based off-road sportive series gets backing from Kinesis UK – makers of acclaimed cyclocross and gravel bikes

Kinesis Tripster bicycle on a gravel proad
Published: September 30, 2017 at 10:45 am
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Kinesis UK have been announced as the new title sponsor of CX Sportive’s popular Gravelcross event series which takes the traditional sportive and adds gravel tracks and technical cyclo-cross style sections.


The first CX Sportive event in 2010 was inspired by the emerging trend for go-anywhere bikes not defined by a specific use, and the original Kinesis Tripster ATR was one of the first bikes to tap into the demand for do-anything machines.

“We started CX Sportive events in response to a movement towards people just riding, without restricting themselves to a type of bike, or defining themselves as one kind of rider, explains CX Sportive's Phil Harrison. "The Kinesis Gravelcross Series is open to anyone on any kind of bike that’s up to the job, but the modern gravel bike is very much the all rounder at the centre of this world, and Kinesis are at the leading edge of the development of those bikes.”

Cyclist climbs Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, Dorset on Kinesis bike

Rory Hitchens from Upgrade Bikes, the home of Kinesis UK says: “I've ridden and really enjoyed a number of CX Sportive’s events and the timing is perfect for us to support the growing excitement about riding dropped bars over mixed terrain.”

The seven event Kinesis UK Gravelcross Series continues on October 15th from Salisbury Racecourse with the Kinesis UK Gold Rush, which features a rich mix of tarmac and dirt/gravel roads, plus some serious hills, a little bit of singletrack and the iconic cobbled climb of Shaftesbury’s Gold Hill. Cycling Plus are planning to ride!

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