Red Bull Wants You To Ride For 25 Hours!

Red Bull's Timelaps event will see teams of four cyclists race for 25 hours when the clocks go back in the UK

Two cyclists riding in the dark light trail

Energy drink brand Red Bull wants 600 riders to forget about making the most of an extra hour in bed when the UK’s clocks ‘go back’ at the end of October. Instead it’s challenging cyclists to use the bonus 60 minutes to take part in a 25-hour race around Windsor Great Park.


Taking place across Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October, Red Bull Timelaps unsurprisingly claims to be the world’s longest one-day road cycling race.   The inaugural event will see teams of four race on a 6.6km closed circuit for the 25 hours, with the winners being the team to complete the most laps within the time frame.

Red Bull TimeLaps riders in the dark

As you’d expect with Red Bull a twist is planned  – from 2am on Sunday October 29th, the official end of British Summer Time, there’ll be a ‘Power Hour’ where riders will take on a new shorter course where laps will count double.

If you fancy putting together a team, entry costs £250, unless you can persuade some younger riders to stay up all night using Red Bull without vodka – it’s £200 if all team members are under 25. (If you’re an outgoing rider but can’t get team-mates you can enter as a single entrant and be matched with a team.)

For more information and to enter click here.

Spring forward, fall back!

In the UK we’ve been putting our clocks forward in spring and back in autumn since 1916. In Britain its implementation is widely credited to the campaigning of outdoorsy gentleman William Willett who didn’t like seeing people wasting early summer mornings or cutting short his rounds of golf at dusk!

On October 29th 1972 at around 2am, Cycling Plus editor-in-chief Rob was born. This is one reason he probably won’t be riding around Windsor Great Park when the clocks go back.

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