Pop-up velodrome hits London

Patrick Robinson Victory Celebration

InSync Street Velodrome Super-Finals come to Canary Wharf for 2018


The final showdown of the InSync Street Velodrome Super-finals takes place today, 16th August, in Montgomery Square in Canary Wharf, at 6.00pm.  The finals will be the culmination of an exciting season of racing and there is some stellar talent on display.  The Pro-rider line-up includes talent from the world of track, MTB, and BMX with Charlotte Green, our home-grown UCI world BMX champion, racing against stars of the MTB world such as Vero Widmann and single speed Italian racer, Virginia Cancellieri.  Not to mention the reigning champion Jess Stone, herself a former MTB national champion and the unofficial queen of the Street Velodrome track.

harry sunlight_jpg

The men who are looking to take current champion Patrick Robinson’s crown also represent a number of disciplines and include international competitors such as BMX star Sergio Layos from Spain, world-cup downhiller Bryn Dickerson all the way from New Zealand and our own Alec Briggs who has raced crits all over the world but also famously won the Brompton World Championship this year.  Admission is free to spectators and there will be opportunities to have a go on the track on the lead-up to the finals from 4.00pm.


The qualifying action is already underway, so head down, have a go and then stay and see how it’s really done…