This week Warren has been mostly eating… OTE sports nutrition bars

It's hungry work testing bikes, so Senior Tech Editor Warren Rossiter also tests sports nutrition…

OTE Duo Bar and Peanut Protein Bar

I tend to get through a fair amount of sports nutrition products – testing bikes and kit almost every day makes me hungry! Like most cyclists my natural response to hunger pangs is to reach for my back pocket – which is embarrassing in a restaurant…


There are, of course, plenty of energy bars on the market and we’ve found that their energy provision performance is hard to distinguish. That means taste becomes, probably, the most important factor in determining the bar you choose to chomp.

There are certainly some great tasting bars out there – editor Rob is a big fan of Veloforte bars for instance – and taste is, of course, personal. It can’t be denied, though, that some are too chewy and don’t really taste like real food. That’s why I’ve been impressed with OTE’s two latest products – the Duo Bar and Peanut Protein Bar.

OTE Duo Bar

The Duo Bar is based around a crispy rice cake recipe and comes pre-cut into two slices, each delivering 20g of carbs. It’s easy to eat and tastes far more like cake than it does ‘sports nutrition’. It’s available in either choc chip or vanilla flavour (£2 per bar), and I’m favouring the latter at the moment as its like a rice crispy cake made with Milky Bars! Oh, and it also delivers 7g of protein per serving and, if it’s important to you, they’re also gluten free.

Post ride its important to get a bit of protein into your system to help recovery, especially if like me you’re vegetarian. There’s no getting around it, though, many protein snacks and recovery drinks taste pretty dreadful, so I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by OTE’s Peanut Protein Bar.

OTE Peanut Protein Bar

To my tastebuds it tastes just like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup but without the buttery sickly feeling afterwards. Each bar delivers 22g of protein, but surprisingly for something so sweet it  only contains 0.9g of sugar per 45g and 159 calories. Like the Duo Bar OTE’s protein bars are also priced at £2.


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