Today’s payday on Zwift, too, with the launch of its new ‘Drop Shop’

Splurge on the bikes and kit you desire with the 'Drops' currency


If today is payday for most of the country, it’s a double payday for Zwift users. They’ve just revealed a new feature called Drop Shop, a virtual store that allows Zwifters to buy new bikes and wheels from the likes of Specialized, Trek, Cervelo and ENVE for their in-game avatars using the Drops currency, Zwift’s new in-game credit.


So as well as receiving cash in their real world bank accounts from their employer this morning, Zwift users awoke to a one-time payout of Drops. Sadly they have no real world value, as 757,375 of them were deposited in my account, awarded on the basis of my experience in the game thus far. I’ll continue to accrue drops, according to the kilometres I ride, the metres I climb and the calories I burn.

While Drops allow you to buy bikes and equipment, certain purchases are still only allowed once you get to a certain level. So if I wanted the Specialized Venge S-Works, I still need to reach level 33 before I can burn through my Drops.

Zwift Levels, which you advance through with the accumulation of points, remain, but have had a makeover. Level unlocks will only include accessories to customise the appearance of your avatar – jerseys, helmets, glasses and shoes can all be unlocked by moving up levels.


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