A few years ago, Leicestershire-based cycling company Vélobici partnered up with former Giro winner (and, yes, serial performance enhancer) Danilo Di Luca for the making of its rather classy Continental road bike. This season, they've hooked up again to collaborate on the new ‘Killer’ clothing collection, consisting of a jersey, speedsuit, bib shorts, baselayers and socks. Could the kit prove to be a performance enhancer for me?


The jersey is made from a VB/Pro-VR2 fabric, an exclusive high-tech performance nylon, developed with a honeycomb fabric construction that provides a lightweight 150g fabric. In some hot conditions this summer (strange, but nonetheless very true) the jersey has proved more than a match with its soft, comfortable feel and impressive wicking capabilities.


It also features the usual Velobici touches, including that swooped pocket design that can be a bit of a love/hate affair but which has won me round – and not just on looks. That deep left-hand pocket is perfect for storing a pump, while the easy access right-hand pocket is a natural home for food with my phone and money in the middle.


The ‘Killer’ bib shorts are made from 280g VB/Pro-VR1 performance fibre. Velobici tells us they feature a new state of the art bioceramic 7-hour VB Pad, as do the ‘Killer Collection’ suits, constructed using Foam Carving Technology that removes any unnecessary foam from the sides, and avoids any aggressive step between different foam densities.

In both the shorts and the suit, special attention is given to the crotch area, the latest technology allows increased blood flow around the male anatomy that can decrease the sense of fatigue. Wave Body Contour Technology gives you comfort, however long you’re in the saddle.

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The pads are then covered with the latest bioceramic anti-bacterial fabric that is made using clay minerals. The minerals help reflect F.I.R infrared rays emitted by the human body providing the rider with better oxygenation, freshness and thermoregulation, it increases the flow of blood and reduces negative effects caused by intense exertion.


What we can say is that they proved extremely comfortable over a variety of distances and were happy to absorb the extra weight of my backpack when I tested them on the commute.

If you are happy with the association with Di Luca (and let's face it, he's not the only one who was cheating back then) then Velobici's Killer kit offers made in England refinement with a dash of Italian flair and bags of good, old fashioned comfort. It's not cheap, but it is very good.

Jersey and Bib Shorts both retail for £18o. See the full collection.