Find out how much The Col Collective’s Mike Cotty loves his Cannondale…

The Col Collective's Mike Cotty geeking out for 45-minutes on his passion for bikes and cycling is surprisingly watchable

Mike Cotty of the Col Collective

Rather curiously, Mike Cotty was my first contact in the cycling industry. This was well over a decade ago – way before I joined  Cycling Plus, I was working on a leading running magazine and we were doing a piece on triathlon. I needed a bike and Mike, then working for Cannondale, lent me something rather lovely to ride…


More than 10 years on, Mike – who unlike me hasn’t aged one bit – has moved on from Cannondale and now makes superb, inspiring videos for the Col Collective in which he tackles the world’s most iconic mountain passes on his bike. It’s a – genuinely – tough job but someone’s got to do it!


In this latest Col Collective video, Mike talks for 45-minutes about his passion for bikes and cycling gear in general. He could give our senior tech editor Warren Rossiter a run for his money when it comes to bike geekiness! And if you like Mike’s passion for riding be sure to check out the latest issue of the magazine – on sale December 28th – as he tackles one of the toughest 100km routes out there in our free Europe’s Best Rides magazine!