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Is this cocktail cabinet equipped cruiser the weirdest Specialized bike ever?

In our Superbikes magazine – free with the August issue of Cycling Plus – senior tech editor Warren Rossiter is given an exclusive glimpse into the innovative, and sometimes crazy, world of Specialized's creative director Robert Egger!

specialized's cocktail cabinet equipped GoGo bike
Published: July 21, 2017 at 8:04 am
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Specialized's creative director Robert Egger has been designing brilliant bikes for the American brand since 1987 so he's had a hand in some of the most iconic serious road machines of the past 30 years. But he also gets to let his imagination run wild and the results are amazing – what's not like about the pink GoGo bike with it's built-in cocktail cabinet? You can read more in the latest issue but here are three of Robert's slightly more far out creations that we love, but couldn't fit into the magazine…

The Specialized Drag Stripper – the world's fastest looking 'bike'. It's got a five point harness for safety, one massive slick rear tyre, and even a parachute!
The Scrambler is the bike that could make us love e-bikes - were it ever to make production.
The Scrambler is the bike that could make us love e-bikes - were it ever to make it into production.
This Chopper bike wasn't inspired by the 1970s Raleigh bike, but the Dodge Charger muscle car from the same decade apparently!

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