They’re tough

The latest generation of flat bar bikes manages to mix a little of both mountain and road bike DNA. A tougher, wider wheelset shod with fatter tyres than a race-bred machine offers robust pothole-beating performance for commuters and weekend spinners alike.


They’re comfy

The upright riding position puts less strain on your back than drop bars, so you should be less likely to suffer from backache. With most good flat bar bikes now coming complete with rack eyelets, you’ll also be ready to carry your luggage on the bike rather than your back.

They’re great for getting around town

Again, this comes back to the more upright position. You’ll be able to see further down the road and spot hazards rather than struggling against the head-down nature of a road bike. With most flat bar rides now having clearance for mudguards, and fittings for them too, they’re ideal for commuting in your work clothes without getting filthy.

They can go off-road

With fatter tyres and a more robust frame and wheels, flat bar bikes will take the occasional jaunt off the beaten track. At home on towpaths and byways, they mean it’s easy to escape the city.

They make big commutes easy

If your journey to work covers more than a few miles, a flat bar bike makes more sense than a folder. It will be quicker and you’ll be able to ride further. It’ll like have a much better spec too.

Find your perfect flat-barred bike

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