They’re a sweet ride

Good titanium frames have a ride quality that’s hard to find in a bike made from any other material. They’re lively but they aren’t as springy and soft as you might have heard – in fact there’s something about them that gives a sense of eagerness to their ride!


They’re light and strong

Steel and aluminium can both be used to make light and tough bikes. However, most titanium frames will weigh about a third less than their steel counterparts of the same size and offering a similar ride quality, and only a little more than a similar aluminium frame.

They’re long lasting

A well-made titanium frame is highly resistant to corrosion, can withstand some pretty big knocks and scrapes without too much damage, and could easily outlast its rider. Titanium is also resistant to acid and chlorine gas. You never know, that might come in really useful one day…

They’re exclusive

For all its good qualities, titanium is actually a pretty hard material to work with, which means not many frame builders use it. As a result, the ones that do – like Van Nicholas, Lynskey and Litespeed – lavish a lot of care and attention on their frames, and the results are gorgeous.

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They’re sticking up two fingers to fashion

If buying a carbon framed bike feels like jumping on the bandwagon, or that retro steel frame makes you feel as if you’re turning into your dad, then nothing quite says “I’m doing things my way!” like a good custom titanium frame.

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