Why you should put these expensive cycling shoes in boiling water!

Made-to-measure cycling shoes from ex-pro Danilo di Luca mould to your feet after being boiled in a saucepan. No really!

DL Killer cycling shoes are boiled in a bag for a perfect fit.

Heat mouldable bespoke cycling shoes are nothing new – brands like Specialized and Bont have been offering shoes that can be made to conform to the shape of your feet after a spell in a warm oven for a number of years. The DL Killer KS1s offer a slightly different take on tailored-fitting – they’re boil in the bag!


That’s right – boil a saucepan, place one of the shiny, £390 KS1s in the plastic bag provided for 10-20 minutes, take them out (carefully), put them on (also carefully) and let them mould to your feet!

The Killer KS1s are from the brand set up by controversial Italian former pro Danilo di Luca. The 2007 Giro d’Italia winner served three doping suspensions and was banned for life from racing in 2013 which might put some people off of his products… Either way, they’re available from Velobici.cc.

We will, of course, judge the KS1s purely on their performance compared to the other (very) high end shoes we’ve tested recently. You’ll be able to find out what senior technical editor Warren Rossiter thinks of them in the magazine very soon. In the meantime you can watch our unboxing video here.

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