With 14 million miles pledged you really are helping us to Get Britain Riding!

Our campaign has been running for a couple of months now and the numbers are really starting to add up – 25,000 riders and 14-million miles!

get britain riding photo montage with B'Twin

When we teamed up with B’Twin and Decathlon UK to launch our Get Britain Riding campaign earlier this summer the goal was pretty simple – to get more people on bikes. And the great news is that it’s working – so far we’ve recruited over 25,000 riders and more than 14-million miles have been pledged!


Of course, our work isn’t done and we want to make even more cyclists this summer. The idea for Get Britain Riding is pretty easy – if you’re already a cyclist we want you to encourage non-riding friends, colleagues and family members to join you for a ride by making a pledge on our Get Britain Riding page. It can be long or short, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re on a bike. Signing up and pledging riders is simple and might even win you a B’Twin Ultra 920 CF Carbon worth £1899. Simply click here to get involved.

We realise that new riders in particular are keen to get as much information and inspiration as possible so we’ve teamed up with our colleagues on Bikeradar to create a ton of Get Britain Riding content. We’d love you to share all of this great info with you new riding buddies – click here to see what’s on offer!

Finally why not join the Get Britain Riding Strava club?  Club members are currently racking up a total of around 50,000 miles a week. Join them and you’ll be able to see how other riders are getting on, find Get Britain Riding news and take part in friendly club competitions.

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