The June 2023 edition of Cycling Plus is out now. This month we review the latest commuter bikes and best wheels for gravel adventures, celebrate the Giro d'Italia ahead of 2023's edition, and give winning advice on how to ride in a group.


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The Best Commuter Bikes

We test a quartet of well-priced bikes from Cannondale, Ribble, Spa Cycles and Trek ideal for commuting, but with the potential to do so much more come the weekend.

Wide gravel wheels

Our Buyer's Guide this month is on wide wheels that are ready for multi-terrain adventures. Prices start at £890 for a pair, but which are best for comfort, speed, handling and durability?

Top tech

In cycling’s best reviews section, we give our verdict on Black Inc's race-friendly Five (spoke) wheels, turbo training tees, bottle cages, head to Belfast to ride Vitus' superlative new Venon Eco bike, and much more...

Giro d'Italia celebrated

On the eve of the 2023 edition of Italy’s Grand Tour (6-28 May), we hear from three cyclists united by an enduring love and fascination for the legendary national race.

The Science of a Sportive

We also analyse just what happens to your body, both psychologically and physically, during a major endurance ride.

The Rebellion Way

Our Big Ride, meanwhile, is Cycling UK's new Rebellion Way bikepacking loop in Norfolk. Can it compete with the King Alfred's Way? We follow in the tracks of Boudicca to find out...

Training Zone

Our new look Training Zone section answers your common cycling questions, offers cheap yet energising recipes, and gives proven advice on how to ride in a group. Plus, there's a six-week training plan to get you event-ready this summer.

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If you subscribe today, you'll get a Lusso Dryline baselayer worth £30 and save 36%


Whether you’re looking at investing in a new bike, trying a different kind of cycling or searching for new gear to make those days on the road more comfortable, Cycling Plus is the magazine for you.