"What would we say to an electric bicycle that does not seem like one? What would we think about a bicycle with invisible wiring and batteries, but highly visible and usable features? And what if this bicycle is also . . . sexy?"

They're the rhetorical questions posed by Spanish bike brand Orbea in the very brief press release for the new Gain range of e-bikes. And judging by the pictures and the accompanying video our rhetorical answer would certainly be tell us more…especially the sexy bit.

eRoad, eAllRoad, eUrban

The Gain range covers three discliplines – road, gravel and commuting - with all three bikes benefiting from some neat looking tech. The battery is concealed within the downtube, the button for switching power modes is on the top-tube rather than the handlebars, and the motor is in the rear hub. There's also an app that gives you extra control over the systems and tracks your rides for uploading to the web…

It looks like a gravel bike. But it's electric!
It looks like a gravel bike. But it's electric!

All in all, it looks like a pretty cool concept that might, just might, turn us onto e-bikes - especially as prices look set to start at a very reasonable £1699 in the UK. Still not so sure about the sexy though.


Our friends over on Bikeradar have had a ride on the new Gain. Here's what they thought…

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